Hair Brain

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Hair Brain


This Satyrus Jeering masterpiece, was originally commissioned by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson in 1863.

Jeering accounted several events dealing with strange phenomena during his time with Dodgson. in one journal entry he states "He is almost there. This afternoon I saw it's tail, and there is no doubt that what I heard was English!" And only pages after, he excitedly continues "It will work! The alembic proved difficult to repair, however, it is fixed. I have the hare and the talon, Had I not seen it with my own eyes I would never have believed. Incredible. I have waited so long to return".                                                                           Excerpt from  Satyrus Jeering, Facemaker  © 1981   

      Fashioned in oak-tanned leather

      Aluminum Detail

      Acrylic finish

      Crushed Fedora                                                                    

      This piece comes with a document of authenticity, and a hand signed sketch of Jeering's process from the pieces creation.

      Note: Reproductions are not identical to the original mask pictured. While we work to maintain the same quality and appearance of the original artifacts, there are most often, small changes in texture and appearance.






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